We Perform Expert Chimney & Masonry Repairs Throughout Maryland

When the masonry of your chimney or fireplace starts to deteriorate or fail, it’s not simply an aesthetic issue – it’s a safety and efficiency issue. These types of issues need to be addressed promptly by Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals with the experience and knowledge to make the needed repairs. Where can you find such professionals? Here at ChimneyTEK!

We have been serving residents of Maryland for more than 20 years and have maintained our certification with the CSIA and our membership with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) to ensure we’re always up to date on the latest industry and safety-related news and information. Our expert masons understand chimney physics, masonry history, and bricklaying patterns and techniques, and specialize in the following chimney and masonry repairs:

  • Smoke Chamber Repair – The smoke chamber has a very important job: to encourage the swift removal of smoke and byproducts of combustion. Unfortunately, this area of the chimney system often sees damage, which only serves to decrease its efficiency and safety. Click here to learn more about smoke chamber damage and how we can help.
  • Tuckpointing Whether young or old, the mortar of a masonry chimney can develop cracks and holes or begin to deteriorate and crumble. And when this happens, moisture and insects can make their way into the chimney system – but we can help. We perform clean, effective, and attractive tuckpointing work and can leave your mortar joints smooth and strong. Learn more here.
  • Crown RepairThe crown that seals your chimney stack should provide you with years of effective service if it’s built properly – but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to cracks and deterioration from time to time. If your crown has begun to show signs of weakness or deterioration, let us help! We can seal cracks and prevent further damage from occurring. We can even rebuild your crown if it was improperly constructed. Find out more about our crown repair services here.
  • Chimney RebuildsA leaning or structurally compromised chimney isn’t just an eyesore – it’s a serious safety hazard. If your chimney falls into either of these categories, let ChimneyTEK’s expert masons help. We have rebuilt countless chimneys throughout Maryland and can provide you with a beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting new chimney. Click here for more.

Whatever your masonry and chimney repair needs may be, if you live in Baltimore, Towson, Clarksville, Columbia, Annapolis, or a surrounding area, trust your repairs to the experts at ChimneyTEK. Call 410-796-8450 or click here for scheduling!


Our sales and installation team has a vast knowledge of all things chimney-, fireplace- and vent-related. You can trust the experience and integrity of the professionals at ChimneyTEK.