Prevent Leaks With Masonry Waterproofing

Every homeowner wishes to protect their masonry and to do their part to prevent chimney leaks. After all, leaks account for a large portion of costly chimney damage. But what if there was something you could do, on top of regular maintenance, to better protect your masonry against water intrusion and the damage it causes?

Those of us at ChimneyTEK are just as committed to protecting your masonry as you are, which is why we are pleased to offer the most professional and effective masonry waterproofing services to our customers throughout Maryland. We use the most advanced and trusted masonry waterproofing products in the industry, so you can expect professional grade protection that lasts.

ChimneySaver – The Industry’s Best Masonry Waterproofing Product

ChimneySaver offers 100% vapor-permeable masonry waterproofing products that are developed specifically for masonry chimneys. When professionally applied, these water-repellent products protect the masonry against water intrusion, while still allowing vapor within the brick and mortar to escape. This is one of the biggest differences between ChimneySaver products and paints or silicone sealers – paints and silicone sealers actually trap vapor inside of the masonry, which can be incredibly damaging. Trapped vapor can lead to spalling, interior deterioration, freeze/thaw damage, and other devastating damage.

In addition to protecting masonry against water intrusion and the structural damage it causes, ChimneySaver products also work to prevent mildew, fungus growth, efflorescence, and staining. In other words, when you have your chimney professionally waterproofed with ChimneySaver, you can expect your chimney to maintain its beauty and stay high and dry for years to come. In fact, ChimneySaver’s water-repellent products carry a 10-year warranty!

And with ChimneySaver, there’s no need to worry about the product changing the appearance of your brick and mortar. This clear, non-glossy product will provide protection without altering your chimney’s look.

What About The Environment?

We’re all trying to be more environmentally responsible, and ChimneySaver is no different. ChimneySaver water repellents are environmentally friendly and provide strong protection without the guilt. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step in protecting your masonry and prolonging the life of your chimney – call ChimneyTEK at 410-796-8450 or click here to request an appointment today!


Could a flashing repair be what it takes to stop your chimney leak? Call on us for expert advice when you need it.