We Resurface Chimney Flues With FireGuard

Hearing that your chimney flue is damaged and no longer safe for use can send your stomach into your throat and your hand hovering over your wallet. After all, a chimney rebuild can be quite an undertaking and expense, and a reline can be costly as well. But did you know there may be another option? If your chimney has not been structurally compromised and is still standing strong, interior flue damage doesn’t have to mean a rebuild or reline. Instead, the chimney repair experts at ChimneyTEK may be able to resurface, strengthen, and seal your flue using FireGuard.

What Is FireGuard?

FireGuard is a ceramic mortar joint and resurfacing system that is U.L. tested and certified. The system can be used to seal and smooth cracked and open mortar joints as well as cracked and damaged flue liners. Using pinpoint vibration, the system provides a well-penetrated, well-sealed, and consistently coated new flue surface.

Additionally, this system can be applied to flues of all sizes and shapes, and will not decrease the “draw” of the flue or interfere with system performance. Other perks include these:

  • Resurfacing system has a temperature rating of 3,205 degrees F.
  • Resurfacing system can be installed quickly and without mess.
  • Resurfacing system includes a 25-year, limited, factory guarantee against material failure.
  • Resurfacing system is typically less expensive than a chimney relining.

Why Is Swift Repair So Vital?

When an inspection or chimney trouble reveals the need for flue repair, it can be easy to convince yourself to put off repairs until later. But when it comes to chimney system repairs, swift action is necessary. You see, each component of your chimney system plays a vital role in the function and safety of the system as a whole – so, if anything is damaged or deteriorating, the entire system is compromised.

With damaged flues in particular, the dangers can be great. Cracks and fractures in the mortar or tile can allow heat, moisture, carbon monoxide, and flammable deposits like creosote to enter into the surrounding walls and air supply. Not only can this lead to the damage and ignition of flammable materials like framing and insulation, but it can corrupt the air in the home, causing health problems and irritating respiratory issues.

Protect your home from damage and your family from the dangers of a cracked and deteriorating flue liner by scheduling repairs ASAP. Whether the flue in need of resurfacing is used to vent your fireplace, your furnace, your wood stove, or your pellet stove, we can help.

ChimneyTEK Can Get The Job Done Quickly & Professionally

If you’d like to learn more about the FireGuard resurfacing system and how it can restore your flue liner, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with one of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals here at ChimneyTEK, please call 410-796-8450 or click here. We can answer any questions you may have and get you set up!


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